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Skills Training – How to enrol

Looking to enhance your professional development and get qualified with our nationally recognised training courses? See below for information about applying and enrolling with 911爆料网 (Note: this does not apply to Alesco Senior College or Learn for Fun courses). For information about our important key dates, fees and other policies, click here.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 02 4925 4200 or send us an email at [email protected].

Enrolment steps

Step 1 – Enquire

Browse through our website in the 鈥楲earn鈥 section. Here you鈥檒l find our Course Guide. Pick a course, then submit your enquiry via a web enquiry form, send an email or call our Customer Service Officers on [email protected] or (02) 4925 4200. Alternatively, please feel free to visit one of our Adult and Community Education campuses 鈥 you can view our locations here.

Our team will provide you with the information you need.

Step 2 – Submit

Once you鈥檝e picked the course, a link to the Application for Enrolment form will be sent to you. This form can be completed easily online on your mobile phone or on a computer, laptop or tablet.

If you need help, call us on (02) 4925 4200 and ask for the Student Support team at your campus 鈥 they鈥檒l organise a time to assist you! Alternatively for those who would like the convenience to book a time or a phone support appointment online (all campuses), you can also book directly through our calendar.

As part of filling out your application, you鈥檒l be asked to provide identification and evidence documents regarding eligibility.

We also ask that you do a Language, Literacy and Numeracy quiz and a Pre-Training activity. This helps us understand how we can support you to succeed in your studies.

If we need further details we鈥檒l contact you.

Step 3 – Confirmation

After you’ve completed your application and our team have processed your enrolment you will receive your Enrolment Confirmation email. This will be sent to the email address you included on your application form. As soon as you have this, it鈥檚 your green light that you鈥檙e right to go!

Step 4 – Commence learning

You will receive further information about your course, including details about when it will start. Your Trainer will be working with you throughout your study journey.

Learn for Fun – How to Enrol

Step 1 – Enrol in a course

Yep – it’s that easy! Our Learn for Fun courses can be booked directly via the course page on the website. Alternatively, you can enrol by phoning us on (02) 4925 4200 or visiting one of our campuses.

Enjoy your learning experience!

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